Small Group Mastermind

Jamie (third from left) with international feminists at leadership workshop.

Jamie (third from left) with international feminists at leadership workshop.

What is Small Group Mastermind?

Small Group Mastermind is a unique six-week coaching program that combines group accountability, individual coaching support, and self-study.

The program kicks off with a private hour-long coaching call with a focus on uncovering your compelling vision for a fulfilling future.

Then the group meets over four one-hour-long weekly coaching calls via Zoom Meeting. For each group call, you’ll receive:

  1. Two-paged worksheet to jumpstart your self-study

  2. Deep dives led by Jamie on setting goals, generating self-confidence, establishing boundaries, and developing emotional mastery to negotiate, lead, and thrive

  3. Opportunity to share ideas, support, and best practices with a group of like-minded, ambitious women

The program wraps up with one more private coaching call with a focus on supporting your ongoing growth.

Who is this for?

Small Group Mastermind is designed for 8 ambitious women, or anyone who identifies as women or womxn in the LGBTQA spectrum, who want to lead, influence, and thrive.

This is perfect for you if you have:

  • Strong values of service and excellence

  • Desire to grow yourself so you can enhance your relationships at work and in life, advance in your career, and impact positive change in the world

  • Desire to double down on making a contribution so you can confidently ask for what you want

  • Desire to be supported by an experienced coach and an intimate group of ambitious people

  • Willingness to be held accountable for taking action to realize your compelling vision

  • Willingness to be challenged out of your limiting beliefs and to brave the discomfort of taking action

This the smartest thing I’ve ever done professionally. Not only is it a fantastic experience, it also more than pays for itself and then hundreds of times over during the course of your career.
— Alexis, Management Consultant

WHen’s the next one?

The next Small Group Mastermind will start in March 2019. Here’s the timeline:

  • Before 3/19/19: Private coaching call with Jamie

  • Tuesday 3/19/19: Group call on Goals and Future Self

  • Tuesday 3/26/19: Group call on Generating Self-Confidence

  • Tuesday 4/2/19: Group call on Establishing Boundaries

  • Tuesday 4/9/19: Group call on Emotional Mastery

  • April 2019: Private coaching call with Jamie

HOw does it work, exactly?

  • Private coaching calls will be scheduled directly with Jamie via email and Calendly app.

  • Group coaching calls are scheduled for 12:30pm EST / 9:30am PST and will be recorded.

  • Group coaching calls will include deep dive led by Jamie, live coaching of individual participants who volunteer to be coached (up to three per session), and live Q&A and discussion

  • In between calls, participants will be held accountable to complete the worksheets to deepen their learning and to take action towards their individual goals.

How Much is it?

Three monthly payments of $210 with first payment due before the first private coaching call.

What’s the next step?

Submit an application here. Once your application is received, Jamie will be in touch with you for a complimentary consultation.

Working with Jamie in the mastermind group was extremely valuable. I came out better in-tune with my knee-jerk thinking. With the group’s help, I developed and applied strategies for helping me regain some control over my response to life’s hurdles. In turn this has empowered me to better pursue the life that I want.
— Sarah S., Digital Marketer

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