3 Steps to Organizing a Winning Speech

3 Steps to Organizing a Winning Speech


Welcome to the Born to Thrive podcast with me, Jamie Lee - your host, coach, speaker and trainer. I am a negotiation and leadership coach dedicated to helping women become bolder, braver and better paid. 

Because public speaking is a key leadership skill, I present three steps for organizing a winning speech, especially for those who want to speak to advocate for social change.

The common pitfall advocating for change is that we get tempted to tell people what to do. In other words, we go straight into the call to action (Sign this petition! Give to this cause! Go here and do that!), without giving enough thought to what truly motivates people to take action. 

Remember that influence is the skill in having an indirect impact on people's internal motivation without controlling them.

In order to become an influential speaker whom people enjoy listening to, use the following three steps for organizing your message: 

1. Big Idea

Unusual or surprising way to grab the attention of the listener. Share your big idea in the intro and make it captivating. 

2. Premise

Proposition supported by evidence or stories to support your call to action. After each point, provide easy-to-follow summary for emphasis and clarity. As a general rule of thumb, it helps to have three points, because it's easy to follow and remember. 

3. Call to Action 

Drive your points home here. Inspire the audience to see your vision and take action to make it a reality. 

Listen to the full podcast episode here. 

Salary Negotiation FAQs

Salary Negotiation FAQs