Interview with Kathlyn Hart: Desire More. Earn More. Give More.

Interview with Kathlyn Hart: Desire More. Earn More. Give More.

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My special guest Kathlyn Hart is creator of Be Brave Get Paid, a salary negotiation bootcamp for women. In addition, she hosts The Big Leap Show podcast where she interviews badass women about the journey from dreaming to doing. 

In this episode, she shares the biggest lesson she learned as an "aftermath of a terrible negotiation" in her freelance career and how the biggest hurdle to negotiation success is often our money beliefs. 


Episode Highlights:

Why do we hold ourselves back? 

Kathlyn shares what she learned from "an aftermath of a terrible negotiation." As a business owner she was once reluctant to raise her rates from $150/hour to $300/hour. When her business partner suggested they negotiate with their clients for a rate increase, she wasn't on board at first. She later realized it was her money beliefs holding her back from feeling confident that she could earn more. 

In the interview, she shares how doubling her consulting rate led to an "ah-ha" moment that eventually inspired her to start teaching women how to negotiate for what they want. 

Why it's all about reframing 

Why do women excel at negotiating on behalf of others, but not for themselves?

Kathlyn suggests reframing negotiation as simply a conversation, where two people with different agendas come together to try to make it work. 

Negotiation is simply:

  1. Understanding what you want
  2. Having a conversation to find out what the other side wants
  3. Finding compromise or middle ground so you can work together with the other side

Leaders negotiate

Leading is not about commanding or controlling people without listening to their needs. Kathlyn says,

When we're being good human beings, we can become better negotiators, and better leaders, along the way. 

Negotiation Advice for Women Who Want to Close Their Wage Gaps

1. Get clear on your money beliefs. 

Do you believe that you have "enough money to get by" or that money won't make you happy? Kathlyn shares how this belief once held her back from desiring more and asking for more.

Truth is money itself won't make you happy. But when you don't have money, you may experience stress, anxiety, fear, and anger because of the money you don't have. When you do have money, you can experience freedom, happiness, growth, and contribution. Money can free you to make a bigger contribution towards the causes, nonprofits, or projects that you stand for. 

2. Desire more.

You can desire more from a place of abundance. You can feel grateful for what you have and desire more at the same time. It's not gross or nasty or greedy or bad to desire more. 

When you desire more, you'll be motivated to negotiate and ask for what you want. When you ask for what you want, you're 100% more likely to get what you want than when you don't ask. 

3. Embrace your ambition. 

Regardless of your culture or background, ultimately there's no shame in having ambition.

So embrace your ambition. Get clear on what your ambition is, and take action on your desires by asking for what you want. 

4. Don't negotiate against yourself before you negotiate. 

Sometimes we negotiate against ourselves by letting fear talk us out of applying for hot jobs, or stretch assignments that pay better. Kathlyn says, 

What's the harm in reaching for the better paying job? The only risk is a bruised ego. 

Remember that 80% of success is psychology. 20% is tactics. 

Be Brave Get Paid 

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