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Strategic Conversations, Part 2 - Root of All Behavior

This is part two of a five-part podcast series on leading Strategic Conversations so you can improve your results and relationships at work. Check out the first episode here

In this episode, I explain what's at the root of all behavior. When you understand what drives people's behavior and what drives your behavior, it is so powerful, because now you know how to influence yourself and others. 

What drives your actions? What drives the behavior of your negotiation counterpart? 

You'll learn: 

1. What emotion is and the role it plays in driving our behavior 

2. The difference between neutral circumstances and thoughts, and how we become biased 

3. The thinking that generated $50K then $100K in income for me 

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Strategic Conversations, Part 1 - Planning with Future Focus

I coach smart women to get promoted and better paid without throwing anyone under the bus, manipulating people, or burning themselves out. 


I teach simple but powerful concepts that help my clients engage in strategic conversations with a mindset of self-confidence and authentic power. 

Over five podcast episodes, I'll be teaching each of these five simple but powerful concepts that you can immediately implement into your life and career so you can get bolder, braver, and better paid. 

This episode is about the first and most important concept: Planning with Future Focus. 

Three questions I ask my clients to help them with Future Focus is: 

1. WHO are you in the process of becoming? 

2. WHAT results do you want in the future? 

3. HOW can you be your Future Self now? 

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Future Focus and Goal Shame

“Why do you need to articulate your future potential as part of your negotiation strategy?” I address this question and explain the importance of future focus for you, for your negotiation, and for your leadership. 

I share my updates for 2018 “Wild and Improbable” Goals and how I am dealing with the shame of not yet having achieved my ambitious goals.

Thriving is not about being “happy-happy-joy-joy” 100% of the time. 

In order to thrive, you need to embrace the pain of growing and the sting of rejection and shame. 

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