• Private coaching services starting at $350/hour.





negotiation coaching

Is this you? 

You’ve been carrying the workload of two people (or someone with a bigger title), but your title or pay doesn't reflect the full scope of your responsibilities.

You’ve just received an offer and don’t know how to make a reasonably ambitious counter-ask without risking the opportunity

You’ve been heads down in your work for so long that you don’t know how to articulate your unique value at the upcoming performance review.  


If so, let me help you:

Build a custom negotiation strategy and word-by-word script tailored to your specific needs and your circumstances. 

Frame for maximum benefit and confidently advocate for your unique value, so you can strike the best deal without leaving money on the table. 

Influence key stakeholders and decision makers so that you get genuine buy-in, not counterfeit yeses, and get real follow-through on commitments. 

1-hour Coaching Session

$350 / hour

  • Pre-coaching needs assessment

  • 60-minute coaching session over phone, Skype or Zoom

  • Written update on your custom negotiation strategy and plan of attack


3-hour strategy package

$795 / package of 3 sessions*

  • Three total 60-minute sessions over phone, Skype or Zoom

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • Discovery session to uncover values, strengths, and compelling vision

  • Custom negotiation strategy with unique value statement and scripts for responding to pushback

  • Role-play rehearsal with concrete feedback to signal confidence and mutual respect


Leadership coaching

Is this you? 

So you got the promotion, but you’re now struggling to lead yourself, your team or your cause with clarity and confidence.

You’re unsure how to articulate and clarify your leadership purpose, so that you can prioritize, focus and take committed action towards your goals

You have a compelling vision, but you can’t seem to get through to key decision makers whose help you need to make your vision a reality


If so, let me help you: 

Get the support you need to accelerate your growth while gaining fearlessly honest feedback and fresh perspectives

Uncover your unique strengths and reconnect with your authentic power so you can be the best that you can be.

Overcome obstacles and take committed action towards a more fulfilling career and life defined by contribution, meaning and joy.


1-hour coaching session

$350 / hour

  • Pre-coaching needs assessment

  • 60-minute coaching session over phone, Skype or Zoom

  • Written update with accountability task items and follow-up plan of attack


Monthly Retainer package

$700 / month 

  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions per month

  • Unlimited email support

  • I will do everything I can to support you by getting to the heart of what you want, helping you take massive action towards your goals and providing the best encouragement, strategy and ideas around your next steps.

  • You'll be billed on the second of each month and can cancel at any time.