Hi, my name is Jamie.

I’m a leadership and negotiation coach. I create powerful mindset shifts so that ambitious people like you can ask, lead, and thrive.

You’re invited to join my Small Group Mastermind kicking off in January 2019.

You’ll benefit from coaching support and small group accountability, so you can realize your Wildly Improbable Goals for 2019.  

Working with Jamie is the smartest thing I’ve ever done professionally. Not only is it a fantastic experience, it also more than pays for itself immediately and then hundreds of times over during the course of your career.

- Alexis, Management Consultant


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Who This is for:

  • Anyone who identifies as women or womxn in the LGBTQA spectrum.

  • You want to grow your leadership and negotiation skills so you can advance your career.

  • You want to develop yourself so you can impact positive change in the world.


How and when:

  • One private, 45-min coaching call in late 2018 to uncover your compelling vision for 2019.

  • Four one-hour-long weekly group coaching calls in January 2019 (each will be recorded).

  • Followed by one more private, 45-min coaching call in February 2019 to support your ongoing growth.

Why you should do it:

  • You want to double down on making a contribution so you can confidently ask for what you want.

  • You want to be held accountable for taking action to realize your compelling vision.

  • You want to be supported by an experienced coach and an intimate group of ambitious people.

Why you shouldn’t do it:

  • Timing isn’t right. You need to take it easy in January 2019.

  • You don’t want to be challenged out of your limiting beliefs or to brave the discomfort of taking action.

  • You’re not interested in learning how to negotiate for yourself or for your team.

Jamie helped me with a negotiation strategy and custom script that resulted in $30K raise and stock options, which is just icing on the cake.

- Kate, Digital Marketing Director

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Imagine it’s December 31, 2019.

In the past year, you’ve created amazing results that benefit you and others, because you rose to the challenge of changing your mindset, negotiating with confidence, and stepping into the driver’s seat of your life and career.

Maybe in 2019 you finally launch that entrepreneurial project that makes a positive impact in the world.

In 2018, my client Randy started her podcast and started giving talks to experts in her field.

Maybe you go after your dream job, negotiate your salary and start making really good money.

Emily flipped a no to yes when she joined her dream job company and maxed out her quarterly bonus.

What is the result you want to create for yourself in 2019?

Would you like support to make this so?

You’re invited to join my Small Group Mastermind, so you can:

  1. Uncover your compelling vision that will inform your Wildly Improbable Goals (WIGs) for 2019.

  2. Create new set of empowering beliefs that will fuel you to brave discomfort as you take action to realize your WIGs.

  3. Gain crucial skills in self-advocacy, boundary-setting, and mutual-win negotiation in the company of highly-motivated, supportive people.

A bit about me:

In the past seven years, I’ve trained thousands of ambitious people in the art and science of self-advocacy, effective communication, and collaborative negotiation. I’ve worked with leading organizations like JPMorgan Chase, Essence Digital, Stony Brook Women in STEM Leadership Program, Global Network of Women Peacebuilders, Smith College, and many more.

I’ve also developed a private coaching practice serving professionals in STEM and digital marketing fields so they can lead with purpose and negotiate with aplomb.

I’m launching this Small Group Mastermind because I’m on a mission to double women’s impact and income, and I want to reach and serve more people with my coaching than I have before.

More about me here.

Scheduling and fine print details:

With Jamie's help, I've been able to clearly identify and articulate my values, bring my goals both personally and professionally into alignment, and envision myself taking on more leadership roles as I progress in my career.

- Seema, Senior Policy Analyst

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How we'll meet: 

Weekly 1-hour group coaching calls held via Zoom (all calls will be recorded). 


When we'll meet: 



What it costs: 

Full retail value of this program is $2,100, but I'll be offering at a special introductory price of $595 for 10 women. 



If you commit before June 5, 2018, you'll get these bonuses for FREE: 

  • Free ticket to attend a live Negotiation Masterclass workshop in 3Q 2018 in NYC: value $250

  • One additional hour of live private coaching with me: value $350


Jamie has a gift for seeing all the options that exist, and showing you that there is much more possibility in your challenges than you might have thought. She’ll help you find optimism and a sense of choice, confidence and empowerment.

- Sara, Director of Music Therapy

Thanks to Jamie’s negotiation workshop, I went into my recent salary negotiation more confident than I’ve ever been and came out making $20K more than I was in my last position.

- Caro, Operations Director

Jamie believes whole-heartedly in equality for women, and empowers individuals to negotiate with useful insights. With her help, I secured a $10K increase in job offer when I switched industries.

- Elaine, Legal Professional

With the help of Jamie's script, I was able to frame for value, anchor high and secure a 9% pay raise. I would 100% recommend Jamie's services.

- Cate, Head of Outreach


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