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I'm Jamie.

I help smart women negotiate and lead so they improve their results, reputation, and relationships.

You know you have potential for more, but you get stuck when you want to: 

  • Negotiate for higher pay — because you don’t want to be called a demanding b*!ch behind your back

  • Cut through office politics —  because you hate playing their little games

  • Grow into leadership roles — because you lack the confidence

In order for you to thrive, not just survive your career, you have to master these three elements or you will continue to feel stuck or resentful. 

If you aren’t taking risks to advance, to influence, and to ask for what you really want, you’re undermining your own potential. 

I know it feels unfair. 

Especially when you see less-experienced people get ahead and get better paid than you!

I’ve been there too.

In a previous life, I worked as a hedge fund analyst — the only “girl” on the trading desk — and one day found out I was making 50% of the going market rate. 

That hurt. 

Later, as a manager at a venture-backed tech company, I watched the all-male C-suite make strategic decisions behind closed doors. 

I felt sad and left out.  

So I sought out solutions to my problems. 

I learned to negotiate for myself, which required overcoming socialization and self-doubt. 

How you negotiate is how you lead in life and in your career.  

Emotional mastery creates negotiation mastery. 

Once I learned this, I couldn’t wait to start sharing it with as many women as possible. 

So for close to a decade now, I’ve been working as a coach and speaker teaching a growing audience of ambitious women how to ask and advocate for what they want. 

I developed a simple and powerful framework that blends the best of win-win negotiation strategies and mindset coaching, so you can:

  • Cut through the drama at work 

  • Set boundaries that create balance and fulfillment

  • Improve not only your results but also reputation and relationships 

I have trained hundreds of women working in science, engineering, banking, law, medicine and more.

Because I only work with women in male-dominated industries, I’m an expert in creating winning strategies to help you become bolder, braver, and better paid. 

Are you ready? 

If yes, let’s meet. 

Fill out an application and I’ll get back to you shortly.  

I look forward to connecting with you. 

Jamie believes whole-heartedly in equality for women, and empowers individuals to negotiate with useful insights. With her help, I secured a $10K increase in job offer when I switched industries.
— Elaine, Legal Professional
Working with Jamie is the smartest thing I’ve ever done professionally. Not only is it a fantastic experience, it also more than pays for itself immediately and then hundreds of times over during the course of your career.
— Alexis, Management Consultant
Thanks to Jamie’s negotiation workshop, I went into my recent salary negotiation more confident than I’ve ever been and came out making $20K more than I was in my last position.
— Caro, Operations Director