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Hi, I'm Jamie.

I'm a pragmatic negotiation geek, relentless optimist, and student of psychology and communication dedicated to helping you negotiate, influence and lead.

I believe that negotiation skills are leadership skills. 

I believe that we are born to thrive. Here's what I mean by thriving:

  • To contribute and create value in the world.

  • To brave the discomfort of advocating for our value.

  • To make conscious choices in our beliefs, thoughts and actions so we can grow as human beings and as leaders.

Here's what I'm NOT about: 

  • Risking nothing to get more.

  • Telling you to blindly "lean in" to someone else's idea of success.

  • Manipulating other people to win at all costs in a fixed, scarcity mindset.


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What I provide:

1. Negotiation best practices that maximize value and trust

2. Support so you can become the leader you want to see in the world

3. Fun, experiential workshops to develop your influencing muscles

A bit about me...

I call New York City my home, and I was born in South Korea, where negotiating is part of daily life. From a very early age, I learned that there's always more if you ask well. 

Then I immigrated to America with my mother and two sisters when I was seven. I learned self-advocacy from my mother who raised three daughters while running a business by herself as an immigrant with limited resources. I learned there is no limit to the value you can create if you work hard, speak up and follow through. 

Through a combination of my 15+ years of negotiating on behalf of companies big and small, leading as a manager, my coach training and studying everything I can on transformative leadership and effective communication, I've developed a simple and applicable framework for negotiating and influencing to lead. 

Now, working as a negotiation and leadership coach, I've worked with hundreds of women working in male-dominated industries and helped them negotiate with confidence and lead with purpose.  I've also led hundreds of experiential workshops with leading organizations looking to develop and grow their people. 

I'm always eager to partner with individuals and organizations who are willing to grow their leadership potential and invest in their negotiation skills.

I look forward to connecting with you. 

Jamie believes whole-heartedly in equality for women, and empowers individuals to negotiate with useful insights. With her help, I secured a $10K increase in job offer when I switched industries.
— Elaine, Legal Professional
Working with Jamie is the smartest thing I’ve ever done professionally. Not only is it a fantastic experience, it also more than pays for itself immediately and then hundreds of times over during the course of your career.
— Alexis, Management Consultant
Thanks to Jamie’s negotiation workshop, I went into my recent salary negotiation more confident than I’ve ever been and came out making $20K more than I was in my last position.
— Caro, Operations Director