Get Bolder, Braver and Better Paid


I help women

become braver leaders

who are better paid.

I help smart women negotiate and lead so they improve their results, reputation, and relationships.

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Is this you?

  • Are you a woman who works in male-dominated industry, like science, engineering, energy or finance? 

  • Who wants to close the gender gap for other women, but stuck on closing your own?

  • Who wants to lead, but hates the politics involved in getting ahead? 

If that’s you, you’re at the right place.

Jamie helped me with a negotiation strategy and custom script that resulted in $30K raise (44% increase!) and stock options, which is just icing on the cake.
— Kate, Digital Marketing Director


Do You Want to Connect, Collaborate and Collect a Bigger Pay Check?

Build a custom strategy to close your wage gap by building bridges, not burning them.

Jamie listens deeply, distills information, asks targeted follow-up questions, helping me to zero in on what I need to work on. I feel more confident and have specific suggestions on how I can improve my leadership skills.
— Donia, Senior Software Engineer


Tired of Cookie-Cutter Advice? Want to Thrive On Your Own Terms?

Change your mindset, change your results. Get the support you need to accelerate your growth while gaining fearlessly honest feedback and fresh perspectives.

Outstanding workshop! Applied the practical advice given with very favorable results.
Negotiating through relationship rather than opposition is a brilliant approach.
— Pamela, Former President of NY Toastmasters

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Seeking a Dynamic Speaker on Women, Negotiating and Leading?

I design and lead custom group trainings for women’s professional development. I have led hundreds of presentations, workshops and keynotes throughout the country to a wide range of audiences.