Coaching that Generate Results

Jamie helped me with a negotiation strategy and custom script that resulted in $30K raise (44% increase!) and stock options, which is just icing on the cake.

This was my first time negotiating for myself and it was a huge eye-opening experience!
— Kate, Digital Marketing Director

Negotiation Clients


Thanks to Jamie’s negotiation workshop, I went into my recent salary negotiation more confident than I’ve ever been and came out making $20K more than I was in my last position.

— Caro, Operations Director

Jamie believes whole-heartedly in equality for women, and empowers individuals to negotiate with useful insights. With her help, I secured a $10K increase in job offer when I switched industries.

— Elaine, Legal Professional

With the help of Jamie's script, I was able to frame for value, anchor high and secure a 9% pay raise.  I would 100% recommend Jamie's services. 

— Cate, Head of OUtreach

Jamie is a dynamic, powerful, coach who is simultaneously compassionate and motivating. Jamie helped me enter the world of negotiating and find my inner “master negotiator.” She also helped me quiet my inner critic, so that I could access and empower my true inner voice. 

- Michele A, Major Gifts Associate

Raise, bonus and market adjustment totaling a 26% salary increase back paid to the day I brought it up. Title reconsideration in 6 months. Would have been absolutely impossible without Jamie’s help and resources.

— Ryan, Engineer


Leadership Clients


This the smartest thing I've ever done professionally. Not only is it a fantastic experience, it also more than pays for itself immediately and then hundreds of times over during the course of your career.

— Alexis, Management Consultant 

Jamie has a gift for seeing all the options that exist, and showing you that there is much more possibility in your challenges than you might have thought. She’ll help you find optimism and a sense of choice, confidence and empowerment.

- Sara, Director of Music Therapy

With Jamie's help, I've been able to clearly identify and articulate my values, bring my goals both personally and professionally into alignment, and envision myself taking on more leadership roles as I progress in my career.

- Seema, Senior Policy Analyst

Coaching with Jamie was a wonderful experience. She helped me clarify my career goals and identify ways to align them with my personal values. Within six months of our coaching session, I landed in a position that had everything I had in mind. It was a powerful experience.

  • Jill H., Staffing Coordinator

Working with Jamie has been a great experience. She listens deeply, distills information, asks targeted follow-up questions, helping me to zero in on what I need to work on. I feel more confident and have specific suggestions on how I can improve my leadership skills. 

- Donia, Senior Software Engineer


Workshop Clients


Within days of taking Jamie’s negotiation workshop, I found myself using the knowledge I acquired in her class to help my client with a difficult business partnership situation. Jamie gave one of the most valuable workshops I’ve been to.

— Olivia, CEO of Number Queen

Jamie led my mastermind through a fantastic interactive session on negotiating, complete with role-playing exercises (without making anyone feel awkward). She was very easy to work with and super-professional. Loved the worksheets, too!

— Joanna, CEO of Copyhackers

There is no way I would have ever learned about [negotiation] in school. Now that I gained some practical knowledge and insight…I feel like I walked away with a valuable ‘secrete weapon.’


- Christie, Marketing Director 

Global Network of Women Peace-builders (GNWP) had the pleasure of working with Jamie who facilitated an interactive advocacy workshop for a select group of feminist activists who gathered for U.N.'s Commission on the Status of Women. The techniques Jamie shared at the workshop made a positive impact on the speeches the attendees later gave at the U.N. We highly recommend Jamie as a coach and trainer.

- Mavic Cabrera Balleza, CEO of GNWP

Holy kamoly — how you were able to condense a week’s worth of negotiations understanding into an amazing presentation, we don’t know, but we recognize that it takes tremendous skill!

— Jean, SVP of BayState health