Neutrality = Power

Neutrality = Power

I had a boss who liked to cut me off EVERY time I spoke at a meeting.

It used to really piss me off.

I quietly seethed at work and then would lash out at home.

I felt totally powerless and stuck.

If only my boss would change, if only my environment changed, if only my circumstances changed, THEN I would feel better and do better, I thought.

I saw myself as victim to my circumstances. I didn’t see I had a choice.

One day my partner said, “You’re in control of your career.” It ringed true but at first I didn’t know how.

What made this click for me was learning about the neutrality of circumstances.

What other people say and do, things happening outside of us that we cannot change, are completely neutral — until we have a thought about it.

Thoughts, unlike circumstances, we can choose. We are in control of our interpretations, the story of our career.

I learned this is the secret of effective leaders and negotiators who calmly respond to any pushback or person with creativity and resilience, rather than giving up.

Accepting neutrality leads to power.

It led me to peace, the ability to respond to any circumstance, and a new career I love.

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