What Holds You Back?

What Holds You Back?

When I ask my clients what holds them back from becoming bolder, braver, and better paid, I get comments like:

"I don't know what my worth* is."

"I'm afraid to upset the higher-ups with my ask."

"What if their rejection means I'm not cut out for my dreams?"

If you've ever had a thought like this, you're not alone.

I used to think this way too. When I did, I filled my mind with doubt, worry, and a crippling sense of POWERLESSNESS. I would spin out in mind drama, hold myself back from speaking up and asking for what I wanted.

As a result, I would end up UNDER-EARNING, sabotaging myself, and feeling resentful -- but mostly angry at myself.

Here's why.

Because I gave my POWER away.


By making an external authority, whether boss or client, RESPONSIBLE for naming my worth* and for making me feel valued and worthy of my dreams.

I took power back by taking responsibility for my career, for my value, for my own feelings. It's a work in progress. I work on it every day. This is also the work I help my clients do. In doing so, they maximize their potential without manipulating people or throwing anyone under the bus.

To quote my mentor Stacey Boehman, "When you take responsibility for something, it gives you the power to change it."

Only you are responsible for your career. You know that. But perhaps you don't yet believe you have power.

But what if you DID?

The power to change the story of your career.

The power to NOT make other people's reactions mean anything awful and personal about you.

The power to stay committed to your dreams no matter how often you hear no.

Imagine you owned this power 100%. You'll become unstoppable.

Rooting for you,

P.S. *Our worth as humans is absolute and NON-NEGOTIABLE. We are BORN worthy. There's nothing ANYONE can say or do to make us any less or more worthy. There's nothing WE can say or do to make ourselves any less or more worthy. So the real question here is, "What is the value of my contributions?" And "How can I increase my capacity to generate value for my employer or client?" And "How do I articulate my value in a COMPELLING way to my negotiation partners to reach a mutually beneficial agreement?" If you'd like help tackling these questions, I'm here to help. Please complete this application, and I'll be in touch for a complimentary consultation.

P.P.S. Check out these great photos from 2019 Multicultural Women's National Conference! Thanks to everyone who attended the live workshop on How to Negotiate and Navigate the Unwritten Rules of the Workplace. It was great fun.

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