I’m Jamie.

I help smart women negotiate and lead so they improve their results, reputation, and relationships. 

Curious - have you ever had the thought that women don’t know how to negotiate for themselves?

Watch the video below on the truth about negotiation that may surprise you.

Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Jamie Lee. I’m a leadership and negotiation coach. I help women become bolder, braver, and better paid.

Have you ever had the thought that women don’t know how to negotiate for themselves?

I have.

Ten years ago, I was working as an analyst at a hedge fund. One day, I read an industry report that said the going market range for analysts at hedge funds was $100,000.

I was making $50,000.

I felt like I had shot myself in the foot. I felt terrible. I felt embarrassed.

I felt just, ugh, powerless because I had the thought that I screwed up my negotiation and it’s because I’m a woman.

Now, some of you who are watching this will think, “Well, what about the gender wage gap? The gender wage gap is real!”

Yes, there are reports that say there is a wage gap but remember that the gender wage gap is an average. No one’s salary is the average. Everyone’s salary and circumstance is unique to themselves.

So the problem with us thinking about the gender wage gap is that we often fall into the pitfall of just assuming that all women don’t know how to negotiate. Or that we are victims of the gender wage gap.

When we think of ourselves as victims, we feel powerless. When we believe that, because we are women, that we don’t know how to negotiate, we feel powerless.

Now when we keep thinking this thought, we believe it. And when we believe it, we start acting like it. And when we act like it, we speak like it. And when we speak like it, we generate results that reflect our thinking and our beliefs.

There is a better way.

There is a way out and that is the solution that I want to offer you.

We don’t have to continue believing something that isn’t necessarily true. It’s just an observation, an opinion, a thought that some people have.

Just because some people think that women don’t know how to negotiate, just because some people think that women are victims of the gender wage gap, that doesn’t mean that you are, it doesn’t mean that it’s true for you.

It doesn’t mean that you have to believe it.

You know what I believe?

I believe that negotiation is simply a conversation with the intention of reaching agreement where everyone has the right to say no.

That’s it!

It’s just a conversation where we’re trying to reach agreement.

It just happens everyone has the right to say no.

But you know what? We all have had that right to say no. We never lose that right to say no and, all our lives, we’ve been engaging in conversations with the intention of reaching agreement.

Ever since you first said that dreaded word - No! - it’s been your life!

Negotiation is life.

And, you know, when you think about negotiation as simply a conversation, you realize: Oh! This is something that I’ve done. This is something that I can do! And you engage in that conversation with confidence because you realize: I’ve done this over and over again in little ways, big ways, for little things, big things. It’s no big deal. It’s just a conversation.

It just happens that we’re talking about money. And money itself is neutral.

When you manage your mind, when you create a mindset of confidence and power, negotiating to create a result of being bolder, braver, and better paid is just going to come naturally to you.

It’s not difficult. It’s not complicated.

It’s simple but it’s powerful. It does take practice.

And this is the process that I take my clients through in my six-week coaching program.

So, if you are a woman who loves her work but hates the politics, who wants to become bolder, who wants to become braver, who wants to become better paid, I really want you to think about applying for this coaching program.

Come to jamieleecoach.com/apply

Thanks and I will talk to you soon. Bye!