Surprising Insight from Helping Clients Negotiate a Big Pay Raise

Surprising Insight from Helping Clients Negotiate a Big Pay Raise

I want to create value for you -- even if you don't meet me in person, coach with me, or attend my negotiation trainings. 

That's why this ebook How to Ask for a Big Pay Raise is available for free download here

Here's an update I received from a client: 

A few weeks ago I forwarded your ebook to my husband Brian who for 12 years has worked at the same company, never moved up and never asked for a raise!

Later he came home and said, "I just asked for a 20% raise." What?! And - get this, two days later - HE GOT IT!

-- Mary 

What I love about this is that Brian proved that winning negotiation strategies are gender neutral. 

Women have the capacity to negotiate and lead. Just as men AND non-binary people have the capacity to negotiate and lead. 

Sometimes people don't ask, regardless of who they are (case in point: Brian before he read the ebook). 

I don't deny that inequities persist in our society that create more barriers for women, non-binary people, and minorities. As an immigrant Asian woman, I am familiar with some of these barriers. 

What I want to question is the assumption that it's a problem to be ANYTHING (woman / non-binary / minority / a newbie / someone who's 44 and older) who negotiates and leads in the workplace. 

Often we make it a problem when we think OTHER PEOPLE will have a problem with someone like us negotiating and leading. 

What other people think don't diminish our capacity. 

What other people think is beyond our control. 

And if those people block your growth, go find a new tribe. 

Your capacity still doesn't change. 

So be you.


P.S. In my one-on-one coaching practice, we don't spend time trying to fix other people. We don't give away our power to other people and their opinions. We don't abdicate responsibility for our careers, our lives. Because people pleasing doesn't get you where you want to go. Neither does conforming to people's misconceptions. When you coach with me, you will learn how to be your authentic and powerful self at work. You will grow your capacity to create solutions, take a stand for your beliefs, and make committed requests so you can be more successful. Interested? All you have to do is complete this 5-minute application form, and I'll be in touch to set up a time for us to chat. Talk soon!

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